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Secrets of the Dragon Tomb

A story of thrilling adventure and desperate peril

“Don’t make a sound,” a voice whispered in my ear. “Don’t even breathe too loud.”

14-year-old Edward Sullivan is used to looking after his eccentric family in the face of malfunctioning clockwork butlers and stray pterodactyls.

But throw in a lunatic archeologist, kidnapped parents, spies, deadly hunting machines, and a chase through the Martian wilderness, and things are about to get crazy.

Edward Sullivan is starting the greatest adventure of his life…

Secrets of the Dragon Tomb will be published in Spring 2015 by Christy Ottaviano Books (Henry Holt / Macmillan).

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Bone Roads

Nine Stories of Magic, Wonder, and Adventure…

A ghost searches for revenge in ancient Egypt. A boy unearths the bones of a dragon. A girl risks awakening a dark god to save her dog…

He reached out a hand and touched Grace’s cheek. The touch made her shiver. “You can’t save everyone, Grace.”

“I don’t want to,” Grace whispered. “Just her.”

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Featured Story

Uncle Vernon’s Lie

In Uncle Vernon’s garden, the river of stars might sweep you away. Satyrs weave tales on looms made of moonbeams. Worlds fall and die in every single teardrop. And Uncle Vernon tells stories that can’t possibly be true.

Hidden among those impossible stories full of secrets both frightening and wonderful is the single lie that might break Benji’s heart.

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Sunny Sunday

It was a beautiful, warm, sunny Sunday here in Wales today. This doesn’t happen very often. Mr. Darcy, Baby X and I decided to take a long walk, first along the nearby canal, then up into the hills. We went up to Keeper’s Pond, in Blaenavon. This whole area is absolutely fascinating. The Welsh valleys…

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