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Secrets of the Dragon Tomb – New Cover

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Hey folks. Fantastic news. SECRETS OF THE DRAGON TOMB will have a new cover when it comes out in paperback on July 18th, 2016. I liked the hardcover version, but I think the paperback catches the book better. No need for me to waffle on about this. Here it is:

As with the hardcover, the art here is by Jeremy Holmes.

Find out more about the book here.

The Emperor of Mars Cover

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The cover for my second novel, THE EMPEROR OF MARS, kind of snuck its way out into the world last week without telling me. So, it’s time to officially give it its freedom here.

Without further waffle, here it is in its full glory:

The cover art is by Jeremy Holmes, just like for book 1. I think it’s great.

THE EMPEROR OF MARS is out on January 10th, 2017.

You can pre-order it now: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Barnes and Noble | Book Depository (International)

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Book Cover and Newsletter News

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So, today I got to see the cover for my book, SECRETS OF THE DRAGON TOMB, and it is completely and utterly awesome. It really is. It is colourful, exciting and just shouts adventure!

Sadly, I can’t share it with you right now. :( It is undergoing some final tiny tweaks, but in about a month, I shall be releasing it to fly free into the worlds on its little clockwork wings.

If you want to be the first to see the cover, though (well, apart from the artist, and my editor, and a bunch of people at the publisher, and me…) you can sign up to my brand new, spanking newsletter and I’ll email you the cover before I put it up anywhere else. Here’s the form (hopefully…)

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Sunshine and book covers

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Well, who’d of thought. It’s turned hot. Really, really hot for Wales. (“Wales: not always raining…”) I suppose the correct response to this would be to dig out some shorts from somewhere, grab a cool yet awesome hat, and head out to enjoy it. Instead, I’ve drawn the curtains. Well, we’re not really built for this kind of weather over here.

Anyway, I’ve been playing about with the openings of two possible books for the last couple of weeks, and today I really nailed one, so I’m going to pursue this idea for a while. Luckily, both of these books are planned as chapter books, at around 10k words, so I should be able to get both done if I can find good openings for both.

In other news, Steph has revealed the cover to her forthcoming novella in the Kat, Incorrigible series, Courting Magic, set about five years after the previous Kat book. You can see the cover reveal over at the YA Book Nerd blog. I designed the cover, and I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out.

I’ll do a blog entry in the next few days talking about the idea for the cover and what I did to make it, for those who are interested in such things.

That’s all for now. The sunshine is getting too close, and I must hide…