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Please note: some of these stories may not be suitable for younger readers.

Fire Magic

Marko is far too old for romance and adventure. As captain of the king’s guards, all he wants is to do his duty and keep his head down. So it really is a shame that his hotheaded young friend has fallen in love with a princess and that the princess’s chaperone is so infuriating. Because adventure and romance are coming for Marko, whether he likes it or not.

First published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Issue 23, June 2006.

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The Land of Reeds

Amenemhet has been murdered. Yet when his ghost awakens, he discovers that the way to the afterlife, the Land of Reeds, is closed. And, worse, the man who murdered him is determined to steal Amenemhet’s widow and his children.

His only hope is the ghost of a young girl who still seems to retain her personality. But the dead wind is blowing, and Amenemhet is forgetting himself and his life.

First published in Realms of Fantasy, February 2006.

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