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Please note: some of these stories may not be suitable for younger readers.


“Moderate learning disabilities, he says. Schizoaffective disorder, autistic spectrum disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, epilepsy, depressive psychosis. Well, Keith, he says. Looks like you’ve got a pretty good bundle there.

“The nurse behind him gives me a nice smile. I like her. She’s very pretty.

“Got a cold, I say.

“He raises an eyebrow. He’s laughing at me and thinking I don’t realize it. He thinks I’m stupid.”

First published in Abyss & Apex, Issue 14, 2nd Quarter 2005.

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Fire Magic

Marko is far too old for romance and adventure. As captain of the king’s guards, all he wants is to do his duty and keep his head down. So it really is a shame that his hotheaded young friend has fallen in love with a princess and that the princess’s chaperone is so infuriating. Because adventure and romance are coming for Marko, whether he likes it or not.

First published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Issue 23, June 2006.

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Dragonfly Summer

Once, long ago, four friends made a terrible mistake that ruined their friendship. Now they are meeting up again for the first time since. The old resentments may remain, but that’s all that does, and the past may not be the way they remember it.

First published in Interzone, Issue 215, March 2008.

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The Equation

Cameron Everett hasn’t seen his high-school girlfriend for twelve years when they meet in the queue of a cafe. But both of them have followed very different paths since, and this meeting isn’t an accident. If he can’t convince her that his is the right way, Cameron may not walk away from this.

First Published in Realms of Fantasy, June 2011.

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